Dead camera

5 10 2009

I have been slacking and my camera died! This weekend I had a lot of random eats and my camera lost its battery, I am charging it though so it will be back up soon.

Last night my mom (i went home) made this amazing stew with  A LOT of vegetables and it was amazing. She also added black beans for some protein. We also made some pumpkin bread (from whole foods) we traded out the oil for applesauce and it was really good.

This morning I ran 3.75 miles, but my Nike + ipod thing was acting up. Does anyone know how to fix it? Also did some arm lifts. When I got back made a messy bowl. Today I had banana, rachael’s yogurt (amazing!), raisins, Kashi GOLEAN (1/2 cup), and spoonful of PB.

For lunch I had an apple, lemon larabar, & a carrot.


For a snack I had some fruit (orange, watermelon, & small apple)

Gonna be a lazy night, but I’m thinking soup or amy’s meal for dinner. It is freezing here!!




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