Tired out

7 10 2009

So today after biology I have Nutrition which is on East Campus. I decided to bike (about 15 minutes each way). I snacked on an apple before class. After I got back to city campus I had plans to shoot hoops with a friend from HS. I munched on an apple, orange, and Larabar. So good!!


Shot hoops for about an hour and just got back for some much needed studying before my 3 hour lab tonight. I’m super hungry today so I ate a Okios yogurt with almonds and some carrots and hummus. Should hold me over until dinner!!


Ps..my legs are sooo tired!!




5 responses

7 10 2009
Yum Yucky

oh gawsh. I tried the Larabar Jocolat and my taste buds revolted. Perhaps Coconut Creme Pie will do me favors.

7 10 2009

I’ve never tired that kind. but the coconut creme is really good! very melt in your mouth

7 10 2009
Allison (Balance in Bites)

Coconut cream pie? Hot damn. That looks amazing – I’ll have to try out that flavor soon.

I love how Lara bars have very few ingredients, and they’re all natural and simple – and so delicious, too!

7 10 2009

welcome to the blog world! 🙂

7 10 2009

Yeah, I love larabars..especially the mini ones!!
and thank you, i’ve been wanting to start one for awhile after seeing how involved it is and how sometimes you can go pretty far!

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