Cold outside!

8 10 2009

This morning was power vinyasa yoga (my favorite by far) at 7:15am so I got up bright and early and braved the walk to the rec. center for class. It was 45 minutes, but really felt good. Power vinyasa is different from regular vinyasa in that it is a lot faster and more “power.” I like it a lot better though because it gives you more of a sweat. After that I did 30 minutes (intervals) on the elliptical. Little tight from my big run, bike, shooting hoops, day yesterday, so the elliptical felt good. Tomorrow I plan on doing a 45 minute hill workout and circuit lifting, then saturday I’ve signed up for a 5k monster dash at a local pumpkin patch!! I’m kind of nervous though because it is super early in the morning and they say there is a chance of snow here! That’s is October!

Anyway, for breakfast, yogurt bowl. Today it contained vanilla Chobani, raisins, banana, kashi chocolate raspberry bar (my mom bought me a HUGE box so I have to use them up), splash of soy milk, and spoonful of crunchy PB. Tasted good!!

PA070002(ps..yes I know I need a new bowl! 😉

Today I have 3 classes and then jewlery party with the sister and then going to my boyfriends to watch the big game!!

Cya for lunch!




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