running makes you hungry

12 10 2009

Well, I like the fact that I ran that far today, but I do not like the feeling of hungry ALL the time or the killer headache that I have. Before my biology movie I had a small cup of coffee and a fruit bowl. I walked over to the biology lab movie, but my professor forgot to reserve the room! I waited for like 45 minutes for him to show, along with 10 other people, but he didn’t. I came back home to do some homework and eat leftover vegetable stew my mom made last night and I brought some with me. This has sweet potato, potato, zuchinni, black beans, tomato, carrot, broccoli, peppers, and asparagus. It is yummy! Also had a few Kashi crackers and a 70-calorie almond milk that I picked up from Whole Foods.


Still a little hungry so I see a piece of fruit in the future. Going to watch Gossip Girl and then try and make it to bed early. I am tired!




2 responses

12 10 2009
Yum Yucky

Rest up girl, and test out eating a bit more carbs and see if that does the trick.

13 10 2009

ok, thanks, I might have to do that this week before the race on Sunday.

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