Got my run in

14 10 2009

Today after getting back to city campus I headed to the gym to do my 4 mile run. I felt pretty good and my foot bone didn’t hurt (knock on wood) so that was good. After my run I went and lifted (db bench, lat pulldown, inner thighs, front/side raises, abs) and then stretched. Around 12:30pm before Nutrition I had a ginger snap larabar and an apple. The ginger snap is not my favorite, but it still tastes good.


After my workout I just snacked on a fruit bowl, few pretzels, and a pb banana. I’m planning on eating a big salad for dinner before my biology lab (haven’t had any veggies today!).


PA140001FYI..that was A LOT of PB. Probably overdid it..but it tastes so good!

If anyone is reading this..I was just wondering if you have ever used a Nike + ipod on a treadmill and what was your milage if you did? My nike + usually reads about a .5-1 mile further than the treadmill. Just wondering for training purposes.

AND I’ve decided to do the Lincoln Marathon May 2nd (so nervous) and will start training Nov. 17th. I got a training schedule from Nike and it is 24 weeks long in length. I’m nervous but super excited!!




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