Fall break!

16 10 2009

Well, today is my last day of classes until Wednesday! Hello fall break 🙂

This morning I woke up at 8 and went to go workout. Today I did 2 miles, because I am running a 15 k on Sunday and have to save some for the race! I kind of burned myself out on Monday by doing 10 miles! After running I did some lifting (mostly arms and arms, with 2 sets of SLD’s) I also did a 10 minute ab workout (copying a lot of the moves from P90x). I also stretched.

For breakfast I had a grapefruit and a messy yogurt bowl.  Today the bowl had:


Blueberry Oakios

100 calorie almond packet



tablespoon of Justin’s natural PB

it was yummy!

Today I have 2 classes then I have to go watch a biology movie. Fun Fun. Lunch will be on the fly (probably larabar, apple, carrots) and then me and my boyfriend are going to the Blue Orchid which is a Thai place pretty close to my place. Then I think a scary movie night is planned. Paranormal Activity and Trick r Treat!!

Have a awesome Friday!




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