21 10 2009

Hey everyone!! Sorry I’ve been MIA but been busy with fall break and being sore! Man, that race really took it out of me. ( I probably should of trained more 🙂 ) AND I got sick; sore throat, headache, and running nose. Kinda stinks!

Fall break is over so I’m back at school. 😦 This week I have 2 exams and 2 next week. This morning I got up early and hit the gym. Did a cardio circuit that I got over at Tina’s blog. I did 15 minutes on elliptical, then lifts, then 5 minute of elliptical, more lifts, then 10 minutes on elliptical. Total time was around an hour. I am still not feeling the greatest (body sore + cold) so I didn’t push too hard.

For breakfast I had a messy bowl ( and I got a NEW bowl).


1/2 cup Kashi Golean

1 container 0% fage



spoonful of PB


I also had a grapefruit ( my parents bought me like 10!) and a Emergen-C packet with some water. I’m pumping in all the vitamin C that I can to get over this cold quick! Got 2 classes today, then study session for journalism, then skit practice for University Ambassadors. Its a dreary day here, so I’m going to try and not fall asleep!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday! (even though it feels like Monday..)




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