22 10 2009

Morning! Today it is still raining, and very cold!

I woke up early around 7 to go to Power Vinyasa (love this class). It was raining pretty good so I walked pretty fast to the rec. I didn’t feel very well this morning, so I left after class. (It was about a 50 minute class)

Once back I made a messy bowl. Today I had:


100 calorie almond packet

Oiko’s 0% plain yogurt


banana (x2)

organic blackberry jam

1/4cup Kaishi Golean

spoonful of PB


I also had a grapefruit and some french vanilla coffee.

After I ate and took a shower I studied for my journalism exam at 11. It wasn’t too bad, I hope I did okay!

For lunch I”m meeting my friend shortly to go to the dining hall, I’m thinking a big salad (probably no picture) and an orange to get my vitamin C going because I really want to get over this cold. Today I have one more class then the boyfriend is coming over to hang out. I really want to rearrange my dorm, just got to get approval from the roommate!

Hope everyone has a good Thursday!! Tomorrow is Friday and I really want to get a run in because I haven’t since Monday :0




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