what a night!

22 10 2009

Wow, what a night! For lunch I had a salad (no picture) that consisted of:

mixed greens, califlower, broccli, carrots, tomatoe, pickle, raw tofu, green peppers, & berries. I also had an orange.

Around 3 hours later after my last class I had an apple


My boyfriend came over and we decided to rearrange my dorm. That was a task, and at one point the bed fell on both of our heads. Fast forward 2 hours and we are done! It looks a lot better and I now have my bed under hers and a full view of the window! 🙂


After we were done, I was starving! I made myself a can of no chicken chicken noodle soup from Amy’s and had a handful of baby carrots. I also finished off his apple (I eat the whole thing).

He wasn’t hungry but wanted to try a peanut butter and jelly larabar. He actually liked it a little! I am amazed and so proud!


Tonight I had to study nutrition for my mid-term tommorrow, so we just hung out in the dorm. Tomorrow is a busy day and I hope it stops raining!! I plan on going running in the morning, haven’t gone since monday :0 and am itching too!!





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