23 10 2009

Good afternoon..its Friday!!

Today I got up at went to the gym to run (finally!). I did a quick 3 miles (still feeling a little sick), lifted for about 20 minutes, did a plank series, then stretched. My calves are so tight!

For breakfast I had a messy yogurt bowl:


1 container of 0% Oakios

1/2 cup Kaishi GoLean


banana (x2)

spoonful of PB

I also had a grapefruit and some coffee.

After eating I had to study hardcore for Nutrition mid-term, which was SO easy. I think I aced it (hopefully). After classes I had to go watch a movie for biology, lunch was on the fly. I had an apple + orange and peanut butter and jelly larabar.


Around 2 hours later I had another meeting and now I”m back, writing a paper (on a Friday). This weekend I have a lot of homework, plus two exams next weekend! Currently I am snacking on some mini-carrots and an apple. I’m going to try and make it to a yoga class at 5:35, then heading out with some girls to Paint Yourself Silly!


Hope you all (or no one..) have a good Friday!




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