Long day!

24 10 2009

Oh my, what a day, and its not even 4 p.m. yet! Last night was a long night, and I had ice cream for dinner :). We have a shop downtown where the ice cream is made homemade, so we just had to go! I had 2 scoops; coffee and banana-strawberry sherbet! Sounds like a weird combo, but it was good. I got to bed super late and had to wake up super early, I am tired.

I worked all day and ate a very large breakfast to tide me over. I had Pb & banana on Ezkiel bread (2 pieces) + coffee (made with star bucks new instant coffee) + grapefruit + 2% Fage w/ cherries. It was yummy šŸ™‚

Instant coffee Fage yogurt w/ cherries PA230003

All together: breakfast of hungry girls

All together: breakfast of hungry girls

It held me over quite nicely and around 5 hours later I had an apple + 100 calorie almond pack.


After work I came back and had lunch? I guess you would call it. The dining center had just closed, so I made due with what I had. Big bowl of raisin bran (organic) + 1/4 cup of shredded wheat with soy milk. I also had a cup full of carrots. Hit the spot.


mug full of carrots

mug full of carrots

My boyfriend is picking me up shortly and we are going to go ride these crazy fast go-karts.

I was going to do a 5k tomorrow morning, but I am still sick and so tired, I think I will rest. I have a biology review later and the day and then am going to do Hatha yoga. Hope everyone has a good weekend!!




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