Still studying

25 10 2009

After lunch I studied once again. Around 2 hours later I had a banana as a snack before a review session


The review session was an hour and a half! I wrote down like 3 pages of notes, so I hope they come in handy. Afterwards I quickly ate an apple and then hit the gym. I did: 15 minutes on the elliptical, set of 15 of lat pulldown & DB bench, then hour long Hatha yoga class


After yoga, I came back for some dinner! I decided on a mix of different things because I didn’t want the dining hall food, and didn’t feel like a frozen Amy’s meal. I had: some carrots + sweet potato with PB


A mix of small apple, banana, & orange


And a wallaby organic strawberry Guava with sprinkle of Golean

PA250005I had never had the strawberry guava but it was really good. This yogurts (wallaby) are from Australia and really creamy and nonfat. I like them though and it only cost $0.67 at Open Harvest!

I’ve been studying for the past 2 hours, so I think it’s break time. I just got the new SELF magazine so I’m going to read that. Some of my favorite bloggers are in there (Jenna & Cristen) so that is exciting!

Tomorrow I plan to wake up early, run, lift, and then study before classes!





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