busy day ahead

26 10 2009


Last night I actually slept decent, it was amazing! This morning I woke up bright and early and hit the gym for a 45 minute hill workout (went around 5 miles) and 20 minutes of arm lifts. I did 3 x 8 of front/side raises, tricep overhead, DB bench, incline machine, bicep curls, & reverse incline. I also did a plank series + crunches. Felt good!

Once back I was starving!! So I made myself a messy bowl + grapefruit. Today I have 3 classes instead of just two so I had a bigger breakfast because I won’t have a chance to eat lunch, since I am done at 4:20.

pink-red grapefruit

pink-red grapefruit

My messy bowl today had:

Messy bowl

Messy bowl

1 container 0% Fage



spoonful of PB

1 pumpkin spice crunch Kashi bar

splash of soy milk & dollop of jam

Tasted really good and should have me full for awhile!

Hope everyone has a great Monday and happy birthday Kath!




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