brain is full

27 10 2009

Evening! What a day today has been.

Last night I stayed at the parents because I had an early interview on their side of town. I woke up bright and early and had a messy bowl + freshly brewed coffee.


bowl had: 3/4 cup plain nonfat yogurt, 1/3 cup each peanut butter puffins & Golean crunch, handful assorted berries + strawberries, banana, splash of skim milk, & big ole’ spoonful of natural peanut butter. It was tasty!

The interview went well, except it involves working in a freezer! So I do not know how I feel about that, but I will find out later in the week. After that I had to split over to journalism class & then I had to study biology over lunch. For lunch I made a tasting plate in my dorm.

It had: small orange, cheese stick, pretzels, strawberry chobani with almonds & peanut butter, & mug full of carrots.

PA260008chobani, almonds (100 calorie pack) spoonful of PB


Mug full of carrots!


I then had another class at 2, and after that I was planning on working out. Pre-workout (around 2.5 hours after lunch) I had a small banana.

For workout I did 3.12 miles (my birthday 🙂 ) & set of 12 of DB squat, DB lunge, inner thigh, leg press, & SLD. I also did some crunches & stretching.



gala apple


Once back post-workout I had a gala apple and began to study for biology exam at 7:30.

For dinner I had leftover stew my mom had. It contains a lot of root vegtetables & other produce plus some black beans. It is amazing! I had this bowl full plus another half full. I also had a 70-calorie almond milk.



root veggies, black beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, & carrots


The exam was so hard! I studied so much but that did not seem to help! After the test (which took an hour) I decided I deserved a fruit bowl. So I had a small orange, banana, & apple cut up and eaten straight from a mug! I ate it too fast and it escaped the camera.

Now I am just relaxing until I get motivated for homework, so much to do!




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