finally friday!

30 10 2009


This week has seemed to take forever, so I am very glad that it is friday!

This morning I got up early and went to the gym for a cardio + circuit training workout. The whole workout took me around 50 minutes. I did:

15 minutes on elliptical

set of 1×10: walking db lunge, db squats, arm row, hamstring lifts, db flys, sld & tricep pulldown

5 minutes on elliptical

set of 1×10: ballet squats, lat pulldown, hanging abs, upright row, db bench, bicep curl, calf raises

5 minutes on elliptical

Then stretched + some abs.

After the gym I walked back for some breakfast. I had grapefruit + coffee and a messy yogurt bowl. Today it had:



the new PB was so gooey; it spread everywhere!


spoonful of (brand new jar 🙂 ) natural PB

1 plain 0% yogurt


banana (2x)

1/2 cup kashi golean

Hit the spot! Today I only have one class and then I am going to lunch at YaYa’s pizza with my mom and sister. Tonight I will be going back to the parents house and me and my friends are going to Scary Acres! It is a haunted forest/house up in Omaha. I’m ready to be scared!!

Happy Halloween!!




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