class over for the day!

3 11 2009


I am done with classes for the day and it feels awesome! For a mid-morning snack today I had a granny smith apple.



down to the core


Later I met 2 friends from high school for lunch at the HSS dining center. I had a salad with a greek pita (it was so good). The salad had lettuce, tomato, cauliflower, carrots, & pickles. I also had half skim/half chocolate skim, and a banana.

After lunch I had class then I headed home. I was starving again! My stomach was literally growling! So I dug into the watermelon my parents gave me this weekend and now I’m feeling good.



bowl of H20 melon


Tonight the bf is coming down and I got to go get some headphones, then we’ll probably just hang out. So glad for a day of nothing at night, my first and last all week.

Have a good night everyone (or the one reader I have, namely me) 🙂




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