7 miler + done with class = :)

6 11 2009

Afternoon!! I’m already done with class, and registered for next semester, so I’m happy on the class front! This morning I woke up to go for a long run, and my stomach no longer hurt!!

I did a big 7 mile loop around downtown and saw some very interesting things and people. By far the most interesting was this guy I saw with dreadlocks down to his butt!! I also did a few lifts + stretching.

Once back, starving, I made breakfast. I had a messy yogurt bowl, grapefruit (1 1/2) and coffee.

Todays bowl had: banana, 1 Fage 2% plain with cherrie mix-in, 1 Peanut Peanut butter Kashi bar, & spoonful of PB. Tasted really good and kept me full!!





After class, I was once again hungry, so I made myself some lunch. Today I had a small orange + apple, carrot chips, and an Amy’s black bean burrito. Tasted also amazing and should keep me going for the afternoon. At 1:45 I have to give a tour for HS seniors and then at 3:30 I have a biology video to go to. But then my bf is going to come pick me up to go to our HS football game. Should be a fun night and the weather is awesome!!



burrito + carrot chips


apple (orange not pictured)

Happy friday !!





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