Got my goal!

8 11 2009




post-race with banana (such a great picture)


Turkey trot was a success! I got 25 exactly, which was my goal. It is really hot out, but felt good to run! Pre-race I had a 2% fage with cherries, carrot, apple, and orange. These were spaced out over two hours. Post-race I had some fruit.





pre-race also


For lunch (or linner) since it’s 4 p.m. already, I had veggie delight from Subway, lots of grapes + strawberries, apple, and carrot. I was starving for some reason!



linner (subway, carrot, and mucho grapes)


For the rest of the day I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I need a shower pronto, but other than that just some homework, and being lazy.

Happy Sunday!




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