Another nice run in this awesome weather!

9 11 2009


It is still awesome weather out here, and it’s November!

Last night I went and did Hatha yoga for an hour, then ate some dinner. Yoga felt really good, because I needed to stretch! For dinner I had a sweet potato + 2 carrots + small apple mixed together with 2 tablespoons of PB drizzled on top. It tasted really good! About 2 hours later for desert I had a granny smith.



sweet potato, carrots, and apple + PB


This morning I woke up at did 5.25 miles. I ran down to my favorite store (Open Harvest) which is an organic Co-op. I also did arm strength workout for 20 minutes.

For breakfast I had coffee, grapefruit, and messy bowl.



2 grapefruit halves


messy bowl


Today it had: 1 plain Oikos, 1 pumpkin spice Kashi bar, raisins, banana (2x) and PB.

Tasted good and now I got to do some homework before class!




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