can’t keep my eyes open!

10 11 2009


Today, my eyes do not want to stay open! I couldn’t sleep last night and now its showing. I missed my morning PiYo class, my body wanted sleep! But, I did make it to the gym at 8. I did a Elliptical + strength workout. First I did 15 minutes on the Elliptical, then lifted, then 5 minute cool down. Totaled around 40 minutes. I didn’t run today because my calves are really tight, and I am planning a longer run tomorrow.

For breakfast I had the normal. Grapefruit, coffee, and messy bowl. I really need to branch out!



Messy Bowl




Today the bowl contained:

1 plain Oikos


banana (2x)


spoonful of PB (2x)

1/2 cup Kashi Golean

Tasted really good and now I’m feeling full! Except my eyes are still tired…

Today I have 2 classes, interview (:o), and then journalism meeting. Going to be  another busy day!

Happy Tuesday!




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