starting in down dog

12 11 2009


Today is another busy day (per usual) and it started bright and early! I woke up at 7 to make it to my favorite class ever, Power Vinyasa Yoga. It is a lot faster paced, and works up a sweat. Love it! I also did bicep to push press (2 by 10), tricep kickbacks, inner thigh machine, leg press, and side bends.

For breakfast I had the normal. Coffee (tall black/no sugar), grapefruit, and messy bowl. Todays had:



Messy Bowl


Tall black coffee


1 plain Oikos



spoonful of PB (2x)


1/2 cup Ezkiel flax

Today I have journalism presentation about our PR firm. This project has been consuming my life! Also have 2 classes, skit practice, and a lecture at the Lied center, which I have to look all pretty for. Might be going to subway for lunch, so veggie delight is calling my name 🙂




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