10 miler, weekend, & almost break!

16 11 2009


Sorry to be MIA all weekend, just been super busy! So Friday me and my friend went on a 10 miler 🙂 It felt really good, little cold, but we made it back in around 1:30, averaging about 8:20 splits. This is according to my Nike +.

We were then starving and I drank me some chocolate milk + salad + raisin bran. It tasted amazing! We then went to a Stars game and after that watched a movie; I was beat! Saturday I had to wake up early, it was a long day. But, I got to go on a date with my bf and we went out to dinner at TCBY. They have amazing frozen yogurt! I got pumpkin + chocolate mousse, and he got PB.

This morning I woke up and hit the gym for a light run before I officially start training for the Lincoln Marathon tomorrow. I did 3.5 miles + strength workout that I got from Womens health. It felt good, got sweaty, and came back with an appetite!

This morning I had messy bowl, coffee (instant from Starbucks), and grapefruit.



instant coffee + grapefruit

Bowl had:



messy bowl


pom seeds (first time trying, really good!)



2 spoonfuls of PB

1/2 cup Kashi Golean

1 plain Oikos

Yummy! Today I have 2 classes, fitness testing, and studying for Visual Literacy Test and Biology test. The semester is almost over (Thanksgiving break next week) so I can’t wait 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!




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