long day

18 11 2009


Today was a busy day!

First thing I did a workout, first day of official training! Today I did 4 miles around an indoor football field, Hatha Yoga, and ab. workout. Felt good! My Nike + stopped working 2 miles in though, so  I need to fix it!

For breakfast I had a messy bowl, grapefruit, and coffee. Bowl today had:




plain Oikos

1 pumpkin Kashi bar

POM seeds

PB (only one spoonful)

banana (2x, one before workout)

After class, journalism, I was hungry again (3.5 hours later) so I grabbed lunch. I had a big salad, with an apple on the side. Salad had: spinach, grapes, tomatoes, broccoli, and carrots.

I am trying to eat super clean, since the weight gain. For a snack 3 hours later I had an orange + 100 calorie yogurt.


afternoon snack


I then had homework, plus job thing (for the summer), so once back to study I had dinner. It was random. I had a veggie bowl (apple, carrots) and an acorn squash with 1.5 tbsp of PB. Tasted good, and kept me full until I came back from yoga, where hungry kicked in!


acorn + PB

veggie bowl


I settled it with POM seeds, an apple, and a banana. These were all spaced, but I was starving! (Probably why I gained!)



more snacks..


Well, I am beat, so good night!! 🙂

AND P.S.- if anyone reads this will you leave a comment? I am getting discouraged, because no one ever reads! Someone??




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