So many choices!

18 11 2009


My head is about to explode!!! I have so many things going on in there that I don’t know how much more I can take!!

For breakfast this morning I had coffee, grapefruit, and messy bowl. I had early lab so workout was later in the day. Messy bowl had:




1 vanilla Oikos



1/2 cup Ezkiel flax

spoonful of PB

It all tasted natural and good 🙂

After lab, which consisted of using garage band + Imovie, I came back and had an apple, and a little while later a Kashi trail mix bar (no picture, I was in biology).




Lunch today was random and quick after workout (Elliptical-30 minutes/30 minutes strength circuit). I had 1 cup Kashi U + 1/2 cup soy milk with a banana, 2 carrots, and an orange. I love how big these oranges are!!




Later I had an interview (summer internship for selling books, maybe?) and I came back and ate up some carrot chips. These things are awesome!!


mid-afternoon snack


Tonight I have a lab and then hitting the sack early, because tomorrow is 5 miler plus Power Yoga (favorite!). Hope everyone has a great night.




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