so close to break!

23 11 2009


Today has been a busy one, but tomorrow I get to go home! 🙂

This morning I woke up early and hit the gym (really cold/rainy outside) for a 5 mile hill workout. Took me 50 minutes. I also did 20 minutes of arm strength plus stretching. I was a sweaty, hungry mess!

For breakfast I had messy bowl, grapefruit, and coffee. Messy bowl had:




2 bananas (one before gym)

1 vanilla Oikos


spoonful of PB

1 kashi pumpkin crunch bar

Mid-morning I snacked on a pear I snagged from the dining hall. (not pictured)

Today I’ve had 3 classes, then biology test tonight. Lunch was split in two.

First half: banana bread Larabar, apple, and banana.


gigantic apple


2nd half: apple (that was HUGE), 100 calorie yogurt + spoonful of PB, crackers (kashi) + cheese stick

Now I have to get down to studying, but can’t wait for tomorrow!!!




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