Been a long time!

3 12 2009

Oh my, I have not posted in a long time!!

I’ve been super busy with break, running, school work (A LOT), and swimming lessons!

Here is a little slide show of pictures from past eats, I really need to get on posting reguarly, but I have been super busy, and I have ZERO readers, so it is hard to find motivation.

more messy bowls & grapefruit

carrots, milk, & orange

blueberry Cliff bar


Tomorrow is finally Friday, only one more week of normal classes 🙂 and me and my friend are going to go for a 13 miler!!! It is freezing here, in the thirty’s, so I will have to bundle up really good! Tomorrow I am also spending the night with my mom because my dad just left for Ireland (so lucky!!). I also am doing a run Sunday morning (5k) and will be frozen!!!

Oh, and some exciting news…I REGISTERED FOR THE MARATHON!! Spent 70 bucks (my own, and I am a poor college kid) so I am really excited. My goal is around 4 hours, and I really hope to make that!

As you can tell, nervous and excitement!!! My plans for after the marathon include: more marathons (maybe other states?), triatholon, and a 10k (never ran one offically), and a half-marathon actual race. I just want to keep training for events because it is easier when you have a goal.

Well, I am off to bed but will post in the morning!




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