13.2 miles!

5 12 2009

Oh my, yesterday was epic!! No, not epic, but I did run the furthest I have ever ran. Me and my friend set out in the 30 degree weather, our goal was 84th street (around 6 miles away). We each are long time runners (ran xc in high school together) but neither of us had ran a half-marathon before. We set out and kept a good pace (around 8) and just talked, and before we knew it, we were at the half way point 🙂

On the way back, our pace slowed a little bit (8:10), and my calves were feeling super tight! The last 2 miles we slowed down and decided that would be our cool down. When we finally made it back, we were exhausted but super excited!!!

Final distance: 13.25

time: 1 hour 50 minutes

It felt so good, but I was sore, starving, and stinky. My mom picked me up and once back to my parents house, I ate, and it felt good 🙂

No pictures, but will be back later. Right now I’m headed to the Parthenon (greek place) and shopping 🙂




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