Dead week

10 12 2009

Wow, I am a horrible blogger!!

This week has been crazy and very busy!! We had 2 snowdays this week because of a crazy blizzard storm, and my lab final was postponed until tomorrow morning, so I have been cramming for it!!

A recap of this past weekend and week:

Sunday I did a 5k holiday run and it was freezing!! My time was 25.53 minutes, and I think the temperature was like 20?! Crazy, but I am glad I ran it. Pre-fuel was a bowl of cereal with fruit, and afterwards I downed a bottle of chocolate milk + an apple. Tasted amazing!

pre-race fuelat the finish of Holiday run (in red)

me at finish of 5k Holiday run (red)

Monday was very cold, but a normal day here (no snow). I didn’t take any food pictures (except breakfast) but had classes all day, but managed to sneak in a morning workout of elliptical + full body strength. A highlight of my messy bowl was new Pumpkin granola from Natures Path (it is sooo good 🙂 )


Tuesday was when the blizzard started, and classes got cancelled at noon! I did do a run early morning though (5.4 on the treadmill) + an ab. workout. My boyfriend came and got me, facing the snow storm, and we went to his house…where I got stranded until last night.

yet another messy bowl 🙂

lunch: Amy's burrito, orange, carrots

This morning I was back home and ready for a normal, freezing day. I did 5.3 miles on the treadmill and lifted for 15 minutes. For breakfast I had a messy bowl with 2 bananas, Pumpkin granola, PB, plain yogurt, and jam. I also had a grapefruit and coffee. The rest of today has consisted of class and cramming for biology lab final that I have tomorrow morning! For lunch I had a lot of randomness: sweet potato with PB, carrots, apple, and Rachels yogurt with a banana + 1/4 cup Pumpkin granola. For dinner I had a salad + chocolate milk, and then while studying, broke into my fruit supply (which is really big right now) and made a fruit “bowl”. Which I devoured and am now very full!

breakfast1st part of lunch2nd part of lunch

desert fruit bowl

Tomorrow I have class from 8:30-2, then going for an 11 miler with my friend. It is supposed to be 24 degrees here tomorrow, so I am going to bundle. Then christmas shopping with the bf 🙂 Only one more week of classes (finals) and then I’m home till next semester. Can’t wait!




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