One more!

15 12 2009

Good Evening! I only have one more final left and I am pretty excited! My last one is biology, which is cumalitive, so thats not very exciting. But, I have till Thursday.

Today has been a very long day. Got up early to go meet my friend at the rec. to do 6 miles. We did 3 miles on an indoor track, 2 on the treadmill, and final lap in the cook (a big indoor football field), it took a lot longer than expected because of all the different venues.

Once back I made the usual: messy bowl, grapefruit, and coffee. After some studying for Vis. Lit final I made my way down to my salon to get my hair dyed!! I have never gotten it done before, and now I know why, it took 3 hours!! For a snack on the way down there I had an apple (no picture). I had not eaten lunch yet, so I was starving! I bought a Pro-bar and Cafe Americano in the Union and buckled down to study. Pro bars are amazing! A little high in calories, but it kept me full for 3 hours ๐Ÿ™‚


lunch, pro-bar

After my final, I came back and ate an orange before I started studying for bio, which I just now ended. I did take a dinner break, and 2 snack breaks. For dinner I had a messy yogurt mug (1/4 cup Ezkiel raisin bran, 1 0% Fage, PB), an orange, chocolate milk, and a plate of 2 carrots + sweet potato with almond butter. Random, but tasted really good!!

afternoon snack

skim chocolate milk

messy yogurt mug

veggies with almond butter

another orange

For desert I had an apple


Tomorrow I have a 6 miler planned again, studying for biology, hopefully trip to the Running Company (have a gift card), and then a swim lesson. Tomorrow night is my last night in the dorm for the year, and I can’t wait!!!

Off to bed, night ๐Ÿ™‚




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