Christmas break :)

20 12 2009


Sorry I’ve been MIA, with finals and leaving the dorm for home, I’ve been busy. Finals went pretty well, so far I have 4 A’s, just need to know two more classes.

This morning I woke up and ate a messy bowl with: 1 Fage 0%, 1/2 cup raisin granola, banana, strawberries, and spoonful of PB. I let that digest and then I went for my birthday run! (hehe) I did 3.12 (march 12) around my parents country neighborhood. It was pretty nice out (30’s) so it wasn’t miserably cold. The country hills are killer though! I have found that I get more tired from short runs than long, I think thats weird!! (Anyone else have that problem?)

Once back I did a pilates workout from the new SELF magazine and then took a much needed shower. For lunch I had a big bowl of fruit and a bowl of Natures path cereal + skim milk. The rest of the day is just errands and hanging out with my bf πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I start work (during break..I know) and then workout, and then relaxing. I can’t believe Christmas is Friday (well, for me Saturday) this year has sure flown by!

I made some resolutions for the new year, and here they are:

1. run a marathon

2. learn to eat when hungry ( I need to work on this)

3. eat a new breakfast twice a week (this will be really hard!)

4. set up study abroad

5. learn how to swim good so you can train for a triathlon

6. live life to the fullest! (this one I really need to work on, I’m only 18..)

7. get a summer internship

8. find an apartment

9. do yoga twice a week

10. be happier in life, and know that you can’t plan every step πŸ™‚

I know those are kind of broad, but there are just general, and will probably narrow them down later. Sorry no pictures, I can’t seem to locate my camera!!

Have a wonderful holiday!




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