14 miles!

27 12 2009

WOW, it has been awhile! No pictures to upload, but here is a re-cap from christmas!

Here in the mid-west we got a huge snowstorm that messed up some christmas plans. Our celebration was post ponned until Saturday, but it was great! I got a GARMIN 305, and it is amazing. I used it last night, even though it was snowing and ran 3 miles, worked amazing!

I also got a Lucky purse, clothes, new gloves, headphones, lap-top sticker, and gift cards. I made out pretty well this year 🙂 My bf also got me a IOU to go skiing, which I have never done before!

Today, I ran 14 miles. The longest run I have EVER gone on. I woke up around 8 to eat a bowl of cereal + grapefruit, and then napped until 10:15, when I head to go out and meet my friend at the trail. It is freezing outside, and there is snow everywhere. It was interesting. My GARMIN worked great though.

Total time: 2 hours, 17 minutes

total distance: 14.08 miles

Right now, I am very sore and a bottemless pit. After running I had a roll + black bean soup from Panera, and once home (after grocery shopping) had a big fruit bowl plus some chocolate milk.

The rest of the day consists of resting and then game night with my girlfriends. Work bright and early tomorrow morning, can’t wait!




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