runners knee

28 01 2010

Well, you know when everything seems way to good to be true? Yeah, I know the feeling! Almost two weeks ago I ran a 14 miler in 2 hours and 4 minutes, my fastest ever, and then I went skiing. Which turned into a VERY bad idea. I messed up my knee and got “runners knee” or PPS. So, for the past two weeks my longest run has been 7 miles (which I should not of done) and I hate it!

TODAY though, I feel really good (knock on wood) and yesterday did a painless 3 miles. Today I am resting, but this weekend I can’t wait to go long! (Slowly progressing forward, I really do not want to have to wear this brace again!)

So anyway, back to the food! I have been a terrible blogger, but have been super busy! I am currently doing my internship with Andy from smallbites and I’m loving it, but it is keeping me very busy, plus I have other school work, plus working out, plus friends (mostly, the bf.) Life is crazy!

I have also noticed I have put on a few pounds! So, today I started “diet mode” Basically this means I am going to try and eat less fruit ALL of the time, less peanut butter (even though it’s natural, I go crazy) and trying to listen to my body more, where food is concerned. Since I haven’t gone on a long run in a week and a half, my body isn’t used to that, so I need to eat smaller portions until I am back to where I was! I have been using the MyPyramid tracker, and I eat way too many calories, so will be keeping track of it that way 🙂

Today for breakfast I had messy bowl + grapefruit

1/2 cup Ezkiel, 6 oz plain yogurt, banana, and 1 tablespoon PB

snack was an apple

lunch wasn’t until 3:30, and I had 2 oz almonds+raisins, some pistachios, an orange+apple, and one carrot stick + 4 oz sweet potato

lunch, minus sweet potato & apple

The rest of the evening is spent working on my internship and hopefully getting some sleep! I have hardly slept at all, and it is most definitely catching up to me!




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