8.5 hours of sleep

8 06 2010

I think this is a record for me? Last night I slept like a rock, and it was amazing!! I conclude it to the fact that I woke up at five, studied chemistry for 8+ hours, had a good run in, and was just exhausted. I love it 🙂

This morning I don’t have UNL and decided to push my workout until this afternoon around 3pm. I plan on a 1200 yard swim in preparation for my sprint tri. If I was SUPER dedicated I would of gotten up early this morning and got my workout in first thing, but sometimes a girl just needs her sleep.

I made me a pretty awesome/big/tasty breakfast too. A messy bowl with: 3/4 cup Fage, splash of almond milk, 1/3 cup cheerios + Natures Path Slim, strawberries, honey, banana, & PB. YUM! On the side I also had a grapefruit that was on its last leg.

Messy Yogurt bowl

Today I only have chemistry lecture, and then I work at UNL from 1230-3. Then I’ll be doing my swim workout, seeing the boy, and coming home to work on MORE chemistry.

Oh the life I lead, I know you all are jealous.




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