Almost my first triathlon

21 06 2010

Well, my first triathlon was unsuccessful. The morning started out a little shaky..and just progressed down from there. Lately here in Nebraska it has been raining ALL OF THE TIME. So it was no surprise that on sunday morning the sky was full of lightning and rain. When I got to the park I put away my bike, got my body marked and met up with an old friend 🙂

We decided to try out a test swim in the lake (no lightning) and I was getting nervous/exicted/scared? My family arrived and soon enough the pre-race meeting was underway.

They decided to try and wait the storm out….and wait…and wait….about an hour after start time they made the final decision to just do a dualathlon (1.5 mile run, 12 mile bike, 1.5 mile run). I was a little disapointed but maybe a little relieved?

The race went well doing the first 1.5 miles in 11:44. On next was the bike. The course was extrememly hilly and I was a little un prepared, my quads starting burning and my bike seat was WAY to low (good to know for next time!). The last 1.5 miles were a little slower (12:21) but I managed to pass alot of people. Running is definetely my strong point!!

All in all I had a really good race and finished in 1:17 hrs. I can’t wait to do my first offical triathlon!!!

Up next? A 1 mile run,  all womens very short triathlon, 5k, and half marathon in September. I have race fever!! And a weight training shape up plan (been slacking recently) to HOPEFULLY lose those 10 stubborn pounds of train gain.

Night bloggers!! I have a HUGE chemistry test tomorrow and I best be off to bed 🙂




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