Decisions, Decisions

15 07 2010


So. Decisions suck, and are very hard!

Let me explain: I am looking for an apartment downtown, which is VERY hard to do considering the size of Lincoln, and some very sketchy areas downtown. Add in the fact that I’m a poor college kid, and choices are very slim. Well, I found a place that is PERFECT (if I get approved) but would be 600 dollars if just I lived there. But, heres the catch; I could have a roommate. But, the only person available is my friend Troy. And, yes he is a guy.

What would you do in this situation?? The total rent would be under 300. The place is huge, and we would each have privacy. The building is located in the Haymarket area, which is very safe and secure, and within walking distance to campus. My BF is furious, and does not know if he can see me any longer if I get in. What should I do??

Sometimes I wish I just was still a little kid 😦

And: I’m still overeating fruit, I need more steady meals. HELP ME!!




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