Things are looking up

19 07 2010


Well. Today started out as a disaster, but things are looking up!! I had to wake up at 445 am to work at the landing this morning, and I hate waking up when its pitch black outside, and when I’m having a dream where my old strength coach is cutting off my ankle?!?!

I grabbed a banana quick and headed out the door. Once downtown I headed to my parking lot..and found out it was closed! I quickly found parking, ran to the stadium and began to set up the landing, only to realize ALL of the chocolate milks were expired!! After this episode, things got better; except for the fact that I had to go move my car before it got towed, go park, and then walk BACK to the stadium to get ready to go run. And it was a great run πŸ™‚

I did 8 miles in 1 hour 15 minutes. A little slower than I wanted to, but this is the longest run since the marathon! This is the first day of OFFICIAL half marathon training and I am packing all four running days into Monday-Wednesday (short run while in Chicago) so today was suppossed to be speedwork, but then I found out the special olympic track meet is long run it was. I also lifted/stretched/abs for 45 minutes before calling it a day. I was considering swimming, but I was beat and super hungry!

I also put a deposit on the apartment today πŸ™‚

AND I wrote a paper plus got my dietician assiantantship at Hy-Vee so I will get paid for both working with her and in the health market πŸ™‚

I really hope things keep looking up! I leave for my future home (AKA Chicago) in four days and I am SOO excited to race around the great windy city in the GREAT URBAN RACE!

Have a great night everybody, off to bike to the bf’s




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