Finally Friday!

30 07 2010

Happy Friday everyone!

Yesterday was the longest day of work of my life!! I worked from 515-815 at Husker Performance, then had a workout break where I:

Swam for 20 minutes

Lifted for 40 minutes

After that I quickly got ready and headed to work, where I dusted, stocked, and cashiered for 6 hours. Up next was demoing plumogranetes with the dietitian at Hy-Vee where I work as her assistant. She just broke her foot, so really loves that I can stand there for 2+ hours giving out free food 🙂 It was actually a lot of fun and a lot of people loved the fruit!

When I finally got home, I was starving and made a mishmosh dinner with:

Steamed veggies with sea salt + hummus & cheese for dipping

Fruit salad with plenty of watermelon

Plain greek yogurt with cheerios + PB

It tasted awesome and of course I went back for seconds on the fruit 🙂

Last night (or this morning?) I woke up with a bloated lower ab + very sharp pains, I have no idea what it was, but it kept me awake for a few hours. You could say I”m a little tired 😦

Today I woke up and made a green monster with:

1 container honey mango yogurt

Splash of almond milk




I also had a grapefruit and a few cheerios.

I’m planning on an 8 mile run today, but if my stomach is still in pain I might have to switch over to a bike ride. We’ll see!

I’m going to green gateu for dinner tonight..what would you recommend if you were trying to stay vegetarian??

Have a great friday everyone 🙂




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