Waiting is soo hard

2 08 2010


My title might sound..strange?? Its not what you think! I’m waiting to see if I got into my dream (well, for now) apartment, and this waiting (like 2 weeks??) is killing me!!

I will know in a couple days, so I guess I have to get my mind off of it! Today I had to work from 9-3 in the health market; basically stocking, cleaning, organizing, and of course being called up to cashier every five minutes.

For breakfast today I had a green monster, grapefruit + 3/4 cup of a cereal mix. My GM contained:

1 cup almond milk

splash of fage 0%




It tasted yummy, per usual 🙂

For my lunch break (which is only 20 minutes!!) I scarfed down a PB&J on Ezkiel bread, a carrot, and an apple. It did the trick and held me over for awhile.

I was planning on trail running after work, but my legs are  a little sore from the 20 mile bike friday, 9 miles saturday, and 4 mile speedwork yesterday. I know I know, people training for ironmans do WAY much more, but I’m just a wee bit under trained than them 😉 I decided to hold off on the run till tomorrow, and just bike an easy 15 tonight when it cooled off.

After worked I snacked on A LOT some watermelon, and got a tummy ache, but it went away before I set out. Did 15 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes, with 650 calories burned.

For dinner I had an orange and a bunch of veggie salad with peanut butter tofu and hummus on top. Sounds very strange, but tasted amazing! With a sprinkle of sea salt of course (I love that stuff).

Tomorrow I plan on an easy five miler, then work all day again :(. Have a good evening everyone! I”m off to watch the bacheloratte!!

PS. Check out Ryan Halls bucket list aka my dream running list as well. Check it out on Master the Shift on facebook




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