3 08 2010

So today is a good day. You know why??? I was featured (well, my link was) on healthy tipping point! EPIC (as Caitlin would say) šŸ™‚

This morning I finally dragged myself out of bed before work to do an easy five miles. I’m so glad I did because it was so nice out, there was even a breeze! I did five in about 47 minutes, averaging about 9:30 per mile.

Once back I chugged some propel water, took a shower, got ready for work, and made an awesome breakfast. I had some “overnight oats” made this morning. My bowl contained:

1/4 cup oats + Kashi goLean

3/4 cup Fage 0%

splash of almond milk


few strawberries

1 tablespoon PB, drizzled

I also enjoyed a freezing cold grapefruit, love those!

Today I work from 9-4, then off to the bf’s to make homemade pizza + order textbooks, which basically means spending way too much money.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday šŸ™‚




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