Good news always leads to bad news

4 08 2010

Good Evening!
Well. Its offical; I will have a new home in just 2 short weeks! I got approved into my nebraska dream apartment with a friend of mine and will have rent under 300 dollars 🙂

But, good news always leads to bad news right? Right. I broke the news to my boyfriend..and lets just say a lot of tears were shed, a breakup almost occurred, and I procceded to run 5 miles to let off some steam. Did the trick. Here’s the situation:

I’m moving in with a friend of mine whos a guy into this huge one bedroom so rent will be cheaper. My bf is mad because I will be living with another guy and I am not taking his feelings into consideration. Yes, I’m selfish, but I’m just looking out for the cost, location, and safety. What do you think?

But, anyway. For breakfast I had a green monster, cheerios, and a grapefruit.

Lunch was a PB&J on Ezkiel bread, orange, and a carrot.

Pre-run/Pre-fight was a banana bread larabar + apple

post run was a potato with naturally more PB + apple

dinner was a big ole bowl of fruit + mix of cereals (3/4 cup) + almond milk

Random, but it worked. I am off to bed, no work tomorrow but plenty of packing 🙂




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