The Big 1 0

14 08 2010


This morning was a little special for me, I finally broke the double digit running milage again! This hasn’t happened since almost half-way through the marathon in the spring. I’ve done 8 a couple times, and 9 too, but something about breaking 10 changes things. According to my garmin I did:

10.2 miles

1 hour 36 minutes

1069 calories burned

Once back I chugged two glasses of water and made some breakfast. I had a GM with some cheerios on the side. Today my GM contained:

1/2 a banana

scoop of PB

berries (1 cup)


1/2 cup Almond milk

1 container peach Chobani



Now I’m sipping some coffee, changing up my blog, and heading to work at 11:30. Only have to work a five hour shift today, but it might not feel the greatest with sore legs!

Tonight I plan on stretching (yoga???) and shopping for some new pants. And, packing of course 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone!!




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