Watermelon overload

17 08 2010

Good Evening!

I have an addiction to admit: I love watermelon very very much and can eat a whole one in two days. I kid you not. :/

Anyway, today I consumed my body weight in watermelon, and will probably be peeing all night!

I finally got motivated today and went for a five mile run in between down pours of rain. It felt really good and I’m glad I went! I did 5 in 47 minutes, burning 540 calories.

Once back I snacked on fruit, surfed the web, and waited for the bf to come over. Then we made dinner. Here’s a secret: I do not cook. Sure, I make oatmeal, or salad, and sometimes pasta. But, I am a horrible cook, but since I am moving out in three short days; I’m trying to improve! We made Pad Thai (cheated a little, its from a box) and it was awesome! The Pad Thai had peanuts, eggs, and veggies in it. I ate it all with chopsticks šŸ™‚

Desert also involved more cooking: banana soft serve. I used my magic bullet, so it wasn’t ice creamish but reminded me of Gelato? Oh, well it tasted good! I also put a few strawberries + coco for some more flavor.

Late night snackage included an apple before bed.

Tomorrow going to run first thing, then work at 12. Can’t believe its almost moving day!! (And the start of my sophomore year..) but I’ll think about that later šŸ˜‰ Night!!




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