19 08 2010


I think I”m at a exercise/eating crisis. Here’s the deal. I exercise 6 or 7 times a week, but lately it’s been tough. Sure, I’ve managed to get out there and run, bike, do Jilian; but its been a struggle. I love exercising, don’t get me wrong. But, its been a BIG struggle. I don’t tell people it though, I act like I’d go for a run anytime, anyplace. And, in a way I would; but not lately. Lately? I’d rather laze around reading blogs, twitter, facebook..etc. I’d rather eat a whole watermelon or bowls of cereal. And, its showing. I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin, don’t like the way my arms look, and hate my thighs. Basically, I need a diet/exercise/life switcheroo. And, here’s my plan.

I’m moving out in 1 day (TOMORROW!!) and have decided this is the perfect time for a restart. Here’s the changes:

4 days of running a week

2 days of weight lifting (20 minutes)

2 days of XC (either cycling or swimming)

Listening to hunger cues (not eating out of boredom, because I want to)

Eating satisfying meals, not just snacking

Blogging 2x a day

Exercising BEFORE class (dragging myself out of bed)

Making time for fun (bf, friends, family)


(sorry if thats a little scary)

Okay, so that looks like a lot, but basically it is all easy stuff that I just have been putting off. I love exercising, I just need to get my grove back and just DO IT. Can’t wait to take back my life 🙂

Have you ever made a restart in life? How did you do it??




2 responses

19 08 2010

You look great, sometimes you need to have those moments. You cant be just go go go all the time. Dont be too hard on yourself, THAT is when it shows.

20 08 2010

Thank you sister.

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