New start

20 08 2010


Today is moving day! I woke up at 7 this morning to go for a six miler, but just has I opened the door it started to rain. Now, I’m not a sissy who can’t run in the rain; I just was going to run on gravel and didn’t want to have muddy feet 🙂

So instead I ate some cheerios + almond milk with  a side of grapefruit.

I’m hoping the rain will stop by 9, so I can get out then. Before that though, I have to take my car in to get looked at since I got in a little accident yesterday. A lady sideswipped me, so nothing big just have a few stratches on the side and my mirror might be broken.

Yesterday, in one word, SUCKED. I found out my internship with the R.D. is no longer paid, and I completely screwed up this gun we use to make signs for the Health Market. But, hey, it’s moving day so I can’t really complain. I have a LOT of stuff, so we will see how long this takes. I also sign the lease today :o.
Well, better start taking the car in. Have a great Friday everyone!




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