Apartment Life

22 08 2010


This girl is tired 😦

I had a really good first day in the apartment though! First we went to the farmers market where I bought:

Green beans

Okra (recipe?!?!)

cucumbers (had to from a cute old man)

Then I had to go to work….

But THEN I got to go running with my two favorite twins Tom/Pat and go out to dinner with three guys. Hey, who can beat that 😉

For our run we did 4.5 miles in 40 minutes. Not to bad, and we ran on a old trail by the apartment, where going through a creepy cave ensued.

For dinner we all headed to Yia Yia’s where I got a baked potato the size of my head with:

soy cheese



green pepper

It was good….EXCEPT for the soy cheese, it tore me apart all night and led to…..3 hours of sleep? In total Larabar domination I ate one at about 1 AM to see if it would settle my stomach and help me sleep. In some respect, it kind of did. Score another one for Larabar!

Today I head to work from 8-3, then I HAVE to pick up my books before heading to Big Red Welcome. Basically, you get A LOT of free stuff. Awesome, I know.

Have a good day everyone!




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