Sophomore Year

23 08 2010


Well, its officially the first day of my sophomore year. I”m really hoping its better than last year. I mean, I do have a better roommate now, a car, and HOPEFULLY just all around will be a better year. I can hope. This morning I didn’t plan a workout, but am just going to go with this crazyness of a day. Let me explain my classes today.


920-Meet roommate to swap keys (only have one for now)

920-1020 FIT 180

1030-book it to East Campus (find my building?!?)

11-1150 NUTR 372

12-Head back to City Campus

1215-245 JOUR 202

3-Back to apartment to get ready for work

4-8 WORK

Phew, today is going to be LONG.

I”ve packed a lunch (PB/J, peach, veggies) to hopefully let me survive.

This morning I had a yogurt bowl + grapefruit. Yogurt bowl had:

1 Chobani

1/4 cup raw oats

1/8 cup PB granola

splash of Almond milk


scoop of sunflower butter

Better be off. Don’t want to get lost my first day!




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