The dog days of college

24 08 2010


Well, so far this year has started of pretty bad 😦

I’m going to have one tough schedule with 17 hours, 20 hours of work, studying, working out (to keep my self sane), and trying to hang out with friends?!

But, first I have a story for you. This is just ONE example of the horrible mess I call yesterday.

So, me and my roommate only had one key yesterday, so we handed it off early in the morning and then I was supposed to leave it in my fanny pack (its old I swear) and attach that to my bike. DUMB idea. Long story short: my roommate never found the key, my phone completely died at work, and we were locked out. Our landlord was in Utah, and we waited (me feeling very angry and sorry for my roommate) in the hallway for an hour. I was just about fed up, but decided to go search the ground outside. My smartest idea of the day: the key was hidden in the fanny pack, something I, and my roommate had forgotten about. Long story short: I got to sleep in my bed last night, and not the smelly hallway.

Anyway…today I went to class, ran five miles, lifted, did way too much homework, wrote a piece for the AAI blog, and ate an amazing salad featuring spicy baked tofu. I also tried to make okra and had an epic fail. How do you make that stuff???

Tomorrow I have that crazy schedule where I go from 8:30-8pm at night, with pretty much no breaks. Luckily my bf bought me a sumi tofu wrap at the health food store to tide me over. What I’ll do for tofu 🙂 Hopefully squeezing in a bike ride before classes, we’ll see how that turns out. Wish me luck!

Goodnight everyone!




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