Not your average college kid

25 08 2010


Today I woke up bright and early at 615 hoping to fit in a bike ride before classes, but surprise surprise it was still dark?!? Now, I”m not a chicken or anything, but I cannot bike in the dark; I am not that hardcore. I do plan on biking over to east campus today (4 miles round trip) to at least get some cardio in.

I did wake up starving though! For breakfast I first had a grapefruit, followed by a SIAB. My SIAB contained:

1 small keifer

1 banana


frozen blueberries

On top I had 1/2 cup cheerios, 1/8 cup Natures Path PB granola, and about a half tablespoon of PB. Oh my this one was good. Too bad it was gone WAY to fast 😦

Going to do some homework then head to class, class, class, class, class…oh yeah then work! Have a great day everyone.

PS ( I know I’m a cool college kid who gets up early and goes to bed before midnight. I think my kind is almost extinct?!)




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