26 08 2010


I just ate the best breakfast probably ever. Overnight Oats In A Jar. Enough said.

I noticed last night at dinner that my sunflower seed nut butter was almost gone; my mind began stirring up brilliant breakfast ideas. Okay, only one idea; but it was perfect. I slept pretty good last night (except for my sister waking me up at 6) but it must of been because of breakfast 🙂

My OOIAJ contained:

1 container cultural revelotion vanilla

1/3 cup raw oats



frozen blueberries

splash of almond milk

This all blended together with the sunflower butter and I was in breakfast heaven.

Along with the OOIAJ I enjoyed an ice cold grapefruit and coffee.

Today I only have 3 classes!!! I have English, Stats., and recitation for chemistry. Planning on doing yoga over lunch break then going out for a speed-work while I wait for my car to get looked at. I got in  a little accident a week ago, and my car has been patiently waiting to get fixed.

Have a great day everyone!




2 responses

26 08 2010

Stats is awful! I took it last semester because it was required by my grad program. Have fun with yoga! I have been loving overnight oats in this hot weather. I need to make them more because it saves time in the morning!

26 08 2010

Well…yoga didn’t happen 😦 Which stats did you take? I have EDPS 459..I heard its easier ( I hope) Mine were actually overnight oats in a jar…minus the overnight part lol.

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