27 08 2010


I can’t believe its already Friday and I have one week of sophomore year down already. Now, can the rest of the weeks go by just as fast 😉

I was planning on getting up and running before Chemistry this morning, but this week has been EPIC FAIL when it comes to early morning workouts. I ran a hard 6 miles yesterday and have 10 planned for tomorrow, so for today a bike + maybe some yoga (but, we shall see). I’m hoping I can get back into the swing of early workouts next week. Maybe this week was just a transition week from moving in + starting classes?

I think it would really help if I had a running buddy, but no one is up for that around here 😦

Anyway, for breakfast I had a yogurt bowl + grapefruit. Yogurt bowl contained:

3/4 cup fage

splash of Almond milk

frozen blueberries

1/4 cup raw oats

PB (2 spoonfuls)




Today I have Chemistry, Fitness, and Nutrition sanitation class till 1150, then hightail it back from East Campus to get to work by 1. Where I shall stay till 7. No Friday night plans 😦 I”m such a cool college kid.

Happy Friday!




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